Ted Poley’s Miss Your Touch Jewelry Available at SZUL.com

Jewelry by singer Ted Poley
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Ted Poley Silver Ring

Show loved ones that they missed with Ted Poley’s Miss Your Touch.

It’s jewelry that tells friends and family they are in your heart and mind.

Proceeds go to help COVID-19 first responders in need of mental health assistance (via MissionHopeNJ.org).

Retail prices start at $42 for silver designs.

BUY NOW at SZUL.com.

Ted recently spoke with Novell Global about his jewelry design process and inspiration.

Novell is a leading jewelry manufacturer with over three decades in the industry.

Novell Global: How did you get your in the world of jewelry design?

Ted Poley: I have been in music my whole life. I love to be creative. Back when I was in high school, I had a jewelry course – which was a great way to start. It taught me the basic of jewelry making and how to really get into it. This ignited my passion for jewelry.

Of course – music took over my life and it’s been going well. I met a fan who turned into a great friend and happens to be one of the finest artists in jewelry. Finally, I was able to have somebody that could bring my designs – or anything that I thought of — and make them high quality and beautiful.

Suddenly I could hold my ideas in my hands. Once I had that opportunity to do something with jewelry — there was no stopping me. And I thought – let me design the things that I was looking for because I always loved in the malls. I would buy the cool skull jewelry and other related things. Now I didn’t see things in silver, gold or other popular precious metals. So, I thought –you know what? If I’m looking for this, maybe somebody else would like it. I started designing rock n roll jewelry with things like high quality diamonds and skulls and things that you just don’t commonly see. It basically took off from there, and people loved my designs.

While I’m out on the road, fans are coming up to me and asking – can you make me this piece? Can you make me that? I started making custom pieces for people with my partner. At that point – it took on a life of its own.

I’ve always been into jewelry design. I came up with an idea, and here we are today. But really music is my first love.

Novell Global: Discuss the inspiration behind Miss Your Touch.

Ted Poley: Usually my favorite design is my latest design because it’s new to me and I feel passionate about it. But my absolute favorite design of all time is why we’re here – to introduce my line of Miss Your Touch jewelry. There’s an unfortunate situation going on we’re all aware of. We have to wear masks and do the right thing. Hopefully things will get better.

But for now, I miss the touch of my fans and friends. I miss the hugs. I miss the closeness. I started sending out some greeting cards saying – I miss you. Then I thought – I make jewelry. I came up with an idea that would give that emotional feeling. And let somebody know that they are missed.

When I get a greeting card – it’s a very nice thing. But I put it in the drawer with all the other greeting cards. Then I thought – it would be nice to send a loved one something they could wear.

Every time they look at it – they can understand and remember. It’s a bond. You feel that you’re still somehow in contact.

But until things get better – we’re going to keep our distance. But with Miss Your Touch – you can send it to a loved one. They know you’re thinking about them and really miss your touch. I really miss hugging and shaking hands. So that’s the reason behind the design. When you give this to somebody, you’re still saying – I miss you. That’s why this is my favorite design.

Novell Global: How do you decide on your next creation? What’s the creative process?

Ted Poley: I love this question because my hamster wheel never stops turning. I don’t know where the inspiration or when the inspiration is going to hit me. I’m not like – let’s say somebody that has writing job. You have to get the job done. You have to sit down, and something has to happen. I’ve tried it. It doesn’t work for me. I see something in my mind, and I write it down immediately to remember the design. I will literally draw it on anything. I’m a little unconventional in everything I do, but it’s just like writing a song. I don’t sit down just to write a song. I have to be inspired. Then a song comes out of me. That’s what makes it real.

I’ve been working with the Monsters of Rock Cruise. Some of the greatest fans in the world are all on one ship for a week. I’ve become sort of their Jewelry Captain. I wanted to do something for them -so I designed the Monsters of Rock Cruise logo ring.

One night I had this inspiration. I saw what I wanted to do. The closest thing was a paper plate, and this is how it started. I grabbed a Sharpie and scribbled it as fast as I could. I wanted something pirate-themed because my fans are all rock and roll pirates. With a little bit of bling.

I put a diamond in the eye. Then thought – pirates would have a black diamond. So, I put a black diamond in the eye. I came up with some other designs and then you put it into the computer.

I then made a prototype out of resin. Suddenly I can hold my design in my hand. Look at it and actually put it on. It came out great. This is what I love to do – because just like music- it’s just the greatest feeling in the world. Like hearing my song on a radio. It’s not about money. It’s about thinking of something and making the idea come to life. But in a tactile form. Plus – it’s beautiful and luxurious. And I really love jewelry.

My process is unconventional. I’m sure there are people that go to school and think I am out of my mind.

Novell Global: Are there similarities between making jewelry and music?

Ted Poley: They’re actually very similar. When I get inspired by something – I turn it into something. I get to bring my thoughts and emotions out of my head and put them in a format that hopefully people can enjoy. And say – that’s like me! By the time you would hear a finished track – that’s basically how it happens.

Jewelry is very similar. I get inspired. Come up with an idea. Then other people help get it to the professional level.

It’s my design. I can hold it. I could tweak it just like rewriting or rerecording a line of a song. If it’s not just the way you want it – you change it. Mold it. But then in the end you get the same result.

With music – it’s sound. With jewelry – it’s a physical product. It’s neat to have something that comes out of your head that becomes an object. It is a great privilege to be able to create.

Novell Global: Besides Miss Your Touch – you’ve created some really intricate jewelry designs. Do you have a favorite? Or like children – you love them all?

Ted Poley: Oh, man! You know – they literally are all like my children. I love them all. But my absolute favorite design is Miss Your Touch. Instead of making one person smile by only delivering them their personally made custom design – I now have the potential to make the whole world smile. I’m thinking we need a good smile right now. I hope Miss Your Touch does make an impact. If I can make you, your grandma or your sister smile – that means the world to me. Just put a smile on everybody’s face and we get through this thing together. If you do miss your loved ones, this was the best way I could come up with to let them know.