Rock Music: The Weeklings 3 is Just Fab!

The Weeklings 3 - rock music
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Rock music alert! Sort of.

The most recent studio album from The Weeklings – 3 – has just crossed’s desk.

Sometimes we’re a bit late to the party!

In this case – a few years late!

The Weeklings’3 was released in 2020. Given worldwide events such as the pandemic and invasions, 2020 seems like a hundred years ago.

But good music is good music. It should stand the test of time.

And The Weeklings’ 3 most certainly does!

Made up of New Jersey rock royalty (Glen Burtnick, Bob Burger, Joe Bella and John Merave), The Weeklings deliver their catchy pop music to the masses with the appropriately titled 3.

It is – after all – their third studio release.

The Weeklings – 3

Friday on My Mind (featuring Peter Noone)

Light. Airy. Bouncy. And thoroughly enjoyable.

If John, Paul, Ringo, and George made their debut today, this is quite possibly what they would sound like.

Former MTV CLoset Classic – The Easybeats’ “Friday on My Mind” – is a real treat with its added layers of sound.

Wait a sec! Who is singing their version of  “Friday on My Mind?” Why – it’s the one and only Peter Noone.

Of course, The Weeklings’ 3 might be amiss without an actual Beatles cover. So “Baby, You’re a Rich Man” finds its way to the album. 

There are some nice swirling leads in the background. It comes across a little more bang and attitude – but you’d expect that with this gang of – ahem – Weeklings.

The best part of 3 is the balance of sounds in the mix. Partially recorded at Abbey Road Studios, the vibe in the walls really rubbed off. 

Perhaps the ghosts of John and George infused the performances as well.

“Change Your Mind” is classic Glen Burtnick, whose resume includes Beatlemania, Styx as well as a lengthy solo career (for those that don’t know). It fits in well with anything he’s ever recorded.

There are a lot of layers to The Weeklings’ 3 – it’s not just a one-trick pony. It just celebrates the band’s influences and does it well.

It’s a shame that I don’t live in California right now. A great beach album.

C’mon summer! Where are you?

“The album “3” finds The Weeklings casting aside most of the overt Beatleisms of their previous records in favor of a lean, harmony-rich power pop sound.”- Goldmine

“Glen Burtnik and The Weeklings deliver big time with their new one entitled 3. Jangly guitars, great harmonies, and killer hooks are the order of the day here.” –

“The kind of harmonies that would impress the likes of Brian Wilson and George Martin. In my opinion, this album is the definition of power pop. Textbook Beatles-inspired tunes, near heavenly harmonies, there’s an earworm on the album for everybody.” – The Claw

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