Perfectly Imperfect – Chip Z’nuff Latest Effort That’s Almost Perfect

Perfectly Imperfect - new Chip Z'nuff album
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If there’s one thing Chip Z’Nuff can do – it’s produce a sonically superior album.

Z’Nuff’s Perfectly Imperfect is just that. A fine-sounding collection of nine and half-tracks (sorry Chip – the opening track is too short to count as a full song), Perfectly Imperfect continues the current streak of Z’Nuff music that is fun and VERY pleasant to a rock music lover’s ears.

In fact, Mr. Z’Nuff gets better as the years go on. More productive, too.

Without a doubt, it’s one of the best-sounding albums of 2022 (so far).

Heaven in a Bottle

Welcome to the Party (ft. Joel Hoekstra)

Perfectly Imperfect is sandwiched between the recently released Hardrock Nite (a Beatles tribute) and a June album to be released under the Enuff Z’nuff moniker.

In an age when albums are released every so often, someone should tell Z’Nuff that it’s not the 70’s anymore. This is early Kiss-level output – several albums and tours a year.

“All songs are written as I see the world through my rose-colored glasses. It’s my heroin letter to the new generation,” says Chip (via Frontiers Music press release).

Getting back to the music, “The Church” sets a mood not unlike “Takin’ A Ride” (from 1993’s Animals with Human Intelligence) – doesn’t quite sound like the rest of the album, yet still stands alone as an interesting and relevant track. 

Should you know the band’s history – it fits in by not fitting in.

Perfectly Imperfect gains momentum with “Welcome to the Party” featuring guitar extraordinaire Joel Hoekstra (Whitesnake, Trans-Siberian Orchestra). It’s a fitting soundtrack to our crazy world today.

“Heaven In A Bottle,” an older track that was written with former Enuff Z’Nuff vocalist Donnie Vie, is the album’s brightest track. But what do you expect when you dig a song out from the old Z’Nuff catalog?

It’s been circulating as a bootleg for years. So it’s nice to see it given an official treatment.

Other interesting tracks on Perfectly Imperfect are “I Still Hail You” and harder-rocking “Heroin” (previously seen on Tweaked) – both reminiscent of  The Fab Four circa ’66-’70. 

Then, of course, there’s a surprising cover – Mott the Hoople’s “Honaloochie Boogie.” It’s a fairly faithful rendition albeit with that unflappable Z’Nuff vibe. 

If anything, it’s good to see an artist cover Mott with something other than “All the Young Dudes” or “All the Way from Memphis.”

The aptly titled Perfectly Imperfect is full of big, hook-laden choruses and guitar-driven power-pop/hard rock vibe that fans of Cheap Trick will thoroughly enjoy (if they don’t already).

It’s an imperfectly perfect addition to the Z’Nuff catalog. And there’s more to come!

Perfectly Imperfect reviews…

“I can reassure you now that this is very much an album that sounds like Chip and his band, indeed there are no real surprises here and for me that’s more than fine.” –

“As producer of his own recordings, he captures all the raw energy and underlying, edgy vibe that fuels his music, wrapping it up in a prickly sheen of studio polish.” –  Get Ready to Rock

“Chip Z’Nuff’s Perfectly Imperfect is one very thing: everything you would expect from Chip Z’Nuff and his musical influences and style. If you’re a fan, you will enjoy this album.” – Danger Dog Music

“The record begins with a brief instrumental, ‘The Church,’ which sets the tone for the rest of the album. Next is the laidback feel and dreamy vibe of ‘Welcome to the Party.’ In fact, the whole album has a very illusory feel and it’s easy to see that Chip wears his heart on his sleeve as his love for The Beatles shines through the entire album.” – UberRockCo.UK

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