NJ Democrats want early presidential primary for election

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The state Democratic Party is looking for a new way to engage voters, and New Jersey Democratic State Committee Chairman Leroy Jones Jr. thinks he may have found it.

Jones sent a letter to the Democratic National Committee on Wednesday asking for New Jersey to be chosen as an early presidential primary state.

“Our party cannot cling to outdated traditions that do not help us reach new voters and motivate the diverse coalition of supporters needed to win elections and enact our pro-middle-class agenda,” Jones wrote. “New Jersey has everything that our party needs to fulfill this important role.”

Jones said in the letter that the state is diverse, with a population breakdown of 15% Black, 10% Asian American and 21% Latino. He also wrote that the state’s “compact size” saves travel time and campaign resources and that the state has geographic diversity as well. 

New Jersey Democratic State Committee Chairman LeRoy Jones (striped suit) listens during Governor Phil Murphy's Budget Address in the Assembly Chamber at the Statehouse in Trenton Tuesday, March 8, 2022.

“In many ways, we are truly a microcosm of the country,” Jones wrote.

He wrote that the state embodies the party’s core values as a “proud union state with over 600,000 active union members representing over 16% of New Jersey’s workforce” and a pro-choice and pro-LGBTQI rights state.

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