Music Review: The Reign Simply Rules

The Reign NYC rock band
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The Reign - Storm Rock Music

The music industry is a funny business. Funny AND difficult business.

Back in the day – and thanks to MTV and a plethora of magazines and newspapers paying attention to the music scene – there were a lot of overnight sensations.

Or what seemed like overnight sensations.

But in reality, there were rock bands spending years struggling to survive. Or get their name in lights.

Most didn’t make it. But maybe died trying. In a literal – not figurative – sense.

Then there are those that keep going out of their love for music.

Joe Caravella’s The Reign is one of those acts.

Before social media – I never heard of this band. Never heard of their music. Boy – was I missing out!

But recently, I have been listening to their Spotify playlist and recent album STORM (available through Apple Music).

My opinion? It’s what I want in a rock band these days.

The style is diverse. And draws upon influences without sounding cliché.

70’s and 80’s power pop influences, snarling guitars, big choruses – even a nod to 70’s prog – it’s all in one tiday package.

The guitar playing is excellent. Joe’s vocals are unique. Solid – in fact.

These days, I am more drawn to younger bands that draw from Rolling Stones – or even The Faces. The classic, jangly feel that probably started in a garage.

The standouts are “Emotional Design” (recently highlighted by Gear Guys Podcast), “Fool’s Folly,” “No More Heroes,” and “You Can’t Make Me Cry.”

With over an hour full of truly awesome rock n’ roll – The Reign is a nice find during this tumultuous time.

In case you’re wondering, here are the cast of characters that help put STORM together:

Joe Caravella – All Guitars/Lead & Backing Vocals/Piano/Hand Claps and Percussion

Ben Laffin-Rose – Bass/Backing Vocals/Hand Claps

Frank Persico – Rhythm Guitar

Rob Postrel – Drums/Hand Claps

Bottom line: The Reign’s STORM is powered by the stellar performance of Joe Caravella and his crew. There’s over 30 years of power pop and pure rock in roll history in Joe’s mind.

Well done!

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