India News | Buy Animal Dung to Boost Organic Farming Across the Country: BJP Lawmaker

By Ashoke Raj

New Delhi [India], February 23 (ANI): A Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) lawmaker has suggested that the Centre should buy animal dung from across the country as it will give a tremendous boost to organic farming.

At a meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture here on Tuesday, a member told ANI: “If the government starts buying animal dung all over the country, organic farming will get a tremendous boost and the government will also be able to control stray animals. The majority of members of the committee gave their consent on the suggestion presented by a BJP lawmaker.”

The Congress-led government in Chhattisgarh is running a scheme called Godhan Nyay Yojna, which has announced buying animal dung two rupees per kilogram.

The two-day meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture ended today and the demand for grants related to the Ministry of Agriculture on the budget was discussed in the meeting. Senior officials of the ministry, including the Secretary of Agriculture, were present in the meeting. (ANI)

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