First EE now another UK network is brings back controversial phone fees

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Millions of UK mobile users are already suffering from extra charges when they travel to Europe with firms such as EE, Vodafone and Three now adding around £2 per day to bills when making calls, sending texts and using data abroad. Now another popular provider is joining the party with Tesco Mobile announcing that it’s introducing the dreaded roaming fees from next year.

As spotted by the eagle-eyed team at ISPreview, Tesco Mobile quietly changed its terms and conditions earlier this month. It’s a dramatic u-turn as Tesco had originally said it wouldn’t bring back these unwanted charges.

The update will affect anyone who took out a new contract or who upgraded their current Tesco Mobile deal after June 16.

If that’s you then you can expect to see bigger bills when heading to places such as France, Spain or Italy. Unlike other networks – such as Vodafone, EE and Three – Tesco Mobile isn’t charging a flat fee per day to access things abroad.

Instead, it’s charging customers for their usage. For example, when surfing the web users can expect to see a fee of 10p per MB of data added to their bill.

Sending a text will cost 20p and making a call will add 55p per minute to the monthly outgoings.

In a statement sent to ISPreview, Tesco said: “For the rest of the year all customers will continue to get free roaming in the EU and beyond, in 48 Home From Home destinations. We’re committed to providing our customers with great value, in a way that only a supermarket can. The 2023 changes allow us to invest in new offers for Tesco shoppers, at a time we know household budgets are under increasing pressure.”


EE: EE adds £2 per day to bills. This then allows customers to access their UK allowance.

EE has confirmed that the update will only hit new customers or existing users who have upgraded their phones or SIM plans after July 7, 2021.

O2: Anyone with an O2 SIM will now be restricted by a fair usage policy which means that they must not exceed 25GB of data whilst out of the UK.

As long as the user stays within that limit there will be nothing to pay but start watching back-to-back movies at the end of your two-week break and things could start getting expensive.

That’s because a charge of £3.50 per extra 1GB will then be added to bills – as an example of how much this could cost, a full HD movie is around 4GB in size so one night in front of a movie will cost £14.

VODAFONE: Like EE, Vodafone is also charging £2 per day. The new fees apply to anyone taking out a smartphone plan or SIM with the firm after August 11, 2021.

One bonus from the firm is that it offers eight and 15-day passes which can be pre-purchased and cost £1 per day rather than the standard £2.

THREE: Three also adds £2 per day to bills. This then allows customers to access their UK allowance. Three confirmed last year that the fees only affect new customers who joined the network or current users who upgraded their deals after October 1 2021.

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