Adorable tiny Jack Russell dog impressively herds her flocks of sheep and alpacas

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Tiny Jack Russell Inca loves bossing the sheep and alpacas around and enjoys being bathed by the farm’s cat at the four-year-old’s home in County Kilkenny, Ireland

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The world’s smallest sheepdog Jack Russell cross Inca herds flock of sheep up to orchard

This clip is one of many impressive videos of the world’s smallest sheepdog, Inca.

The chocolate four-year-old Jack Russell cross works hard on her family-run farm in County Kilkenny, Ireland, and helps to herd flocks of sheep and alpacas.

In the footage, Inca’s owner and regenerative farmer, Suzanna Crampton, is behind the camera, scattering pellets for the sheep before letting them out of their field.

At 37 seconds, tiny Inca makes her first appearance, barking and running in and out of the flock.

When Suzanna begins calling for the sheep to move towards the orchard, Inca steps up to her sheepdog role and scampers behind them, barking loudly.

Suzanna and Inca work as a team in the clip herding the flock of sheep


Suzanna Crampton)

The energetic Jack Russell leaps across the grass and runs back and forth as the sheep walk ahead.

One brown sheep refuses to move and tries to continue feeding, but Inca doesn’t have time for slackers – she barks in the sheep’s face and jumps until it follows orders.

As the flock move towards the orchard, Inca makes sure they are behaving and runs between them.

Suzanna calls: “Inca, job done!” but Inca persists to finish the job and follows the sheep ahead.

Throughout the nine-minute video, Suzanna and Inca work as a team to herd the different flocks of sheep.

The video is captioned ‘The World’s Smallest Sheepdog, Inca herds flock up to orchard’ and has been viewed by more than 3,000 people.

Tiny Jack Russell cross Inca loves to herd sheep and alpacas on family-run farm


Suzanna Crampton)

One supporter commented: “Your tiny helper is shockingly adorable! It’s wonderful that she has a job.”

Another said: “Beautiful breed. Got some good help there.”

The YouTube video is one of 1,500 on Zwartbles Ireland’s channel – many of which feature tiny Inca demonstrating who’s boss.

Owner Suzanna welcomed Inca into her home on the family-run farm when she was a puppy in July 2017.

At 10 months old, Inca began displaying a natural instinct to herd the lambs on the farm.

“It was lambing season and Inca started to go out into the field and round them up,” Suzanna explained.

“She would herd sheep, but not like a typical border collie – more like a New Zealand Huntaway, herding the lambs away from me towards their destination.”

World’s smallest sheepdog Inca isn’t afraid of animals bigger than her


Suzanna Crampton)

Though Inca is “as small as the head of a Huntaway”, she became a “great help” on the farm.

Now, Inca is one of five dogs in total and lives alongside German shepherd She Wolf, crossbreed Bear, border collie Pepper, and Inca’s own daughter Maya.

Inca is the only sheepdog, though Maya does try to follow in her mother’s pawprints and assist.

“When it’s lambing season, Inca is very good at helping out,” Suzanna said.

“Lambs can be difficult to move, but Inca isn’t afraid to bark and tell them where to go.

“Over time, I have taught Inca how to do things my way, and now she follows my commands.

“If all the sheep are moving, Inca will glance at me to check they’re doing the right thing.”

Tiny sheepdog Inca herds sheep whatever the weather on the farm


Suzanna Crampton)

Inca helps to herd 30 sheep on the farm, and also herds the alpacas.

“She’s very good at dodging their kicks,” Suzanna said.

Suzanna describes Inca as “intelligent and tenacious” and said she “loves to please”.

When Inca isn’t getting down and dirty with the sheep and alpacas outdoors, she enjoys being pampered inside.

“My cat Ovenmitt loves giving Inca baths,” Suzanna said.

In one YouTube video , you can see Ovenmitt licking Inca’s head clean.

The County Kilkenny farm has been in Suzanna’s family since the early 1800s, and she now raises her flock of Zwartbles sheep along the banks of the River Nore.

“We are one of the first organic farms here in Ireland,” she said.

Inca herds alpacas and does a great job of dodging their kicks


Suzanna Crampton)

Suzanna is a huge advocate for regenerative farming and is passionate about improving soil diversity.

And of course, her sidekick Inca likes to join in too.

Suzanna and Inca teach other farmers about the importance of dung beetles.

“Whenever I’m giving a demonstration, Inca will dig up the dung beetles to show people,” Suzanna said.

You can keep up to date with the world’s smallest sheepdog on her Twitter account and Suzanna’s YouTube channel .

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