10 Best Waffle Towels 2022

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waffle towels

Dudes deserve their “me” time, too, like soaking themselves in a long warm bath, chaperoned by a fine glass of burgundy and Frank Siniatra’s slow jazz playing from a shower speaker, then rounding it off with a luxe bath towel that doesn’t look floppy or feel grainy when drying off (side-eyeing the so-so “plush” towels dangling from your rack as we speak). Even when you’re just taking a quick two-minute shower, a good towel makes all the difference. While you might’ve procrastinated owning nice bath towels to your late 20’s or 30’s, let the tried-and-tested better option—waffle towels—spruce up your outdated bathroom groove.

And a spruce-up it’ll be: from the rough texture and “Why is it still not dry?” drag of your current terrycloth lineup to the indefatigable softness and dry-so-fast-you-think-it’s-new quirk of waffle towels, courtesy of their… waffles. You can read more on that below, but simply put, their indented waffle-like weaves allow them to absorb and evaporate water more efficiently, even remain soft and stretchy for months.

The 10 waffle towels below are our best quality picks—we’ve even wiped ourselves off with a few of them to certify their softness and absorbency. Many come in sets or bundles, but you can also cherrypick bath or hand or face waffle towel. One alone shall prove worthy of a bathroom upgrade.

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Best Overall Waffle Towel

Waffle Bath Towel Set

  • Texture looks and feels divine
  • Breathable airy weave
  • Extra absorbent

$75 at Huckberry

Anyone who has ever explored Bathroom Essentials™ knows about Onsen and its fine, luxurious waffle weave. The brand is named after a Japanese hot spring spa—and rightfully so. Its long-staple towels that look as snug as they’re inviting will make you feel like you’re at one. And their oversized waffle design can substantially accelerates the absorbing and drying process. We recommend getting a whole set of towels, but start individually if you like.

Best 2-in-1 waffle towel

Waffle Terry Bath Towel Set

  • Reversible, flexible design
  • Extra absorbent


Few people can shut up about Boll & Branch’s beddings, but its bathroom products deserve just as much hype. Like the light hybrid towel that has waffle indentation in the front and velvety terrycloth in the back. Both sides are a pleasure to wrap around your skin and can wick moisture as they do so.

best value waffle towel

Waffle Bath Towel

  • Made in Turkish cotton
  • Very lightweight and soft

Parachute Home kind of reigns supreme in the cosmos of bedding and bathroom fabrics. And its dreamingly soft, lightweight waffle towels meet every demand you’d want in a towel. They’re made of 100% long-staple Turkish cotton, minimalist to look at, and can turbo-dry themselves. At with a not-too-unbearable price, it’s very enticing.

Most breathable waffle towel

Waffle Towels

  • Very lightweight and smooth
  • Bamboo material feels cool and soft

$44 at Bespoke Post

The first waffle towel I ever tried was the Ettitude. I chose it as my starter because one, I knew Ettitude was a thing, and two, its waffles are not dramatically large or ridged. The towel is on the thin side, but has thus far withstood my daily stretching and weekly wash-and-drys. And since it’s made in almost see-through bamboo lyocell, it’ll feel incredibly cool and gentle on your skin.

Best luxury waffle towel

Imabari Waffle Towel (Set of 6)

  • Expertly handcrafted by artisans
  • Extra breathable and absorbent

The Citizenry’s Imabari Waffle Towel is loomed in a family-run mill in Japan with over a centennial of craftsmanship in making towels. That pedigree shows in the towel’s long-staple Pima cotton, sleek flat-edge hem, and oversized waffle weave. If you do choose to splurge on a whole set, even simply wiping some sweat off yourself with a face towel can feel rather decadent.

best organic cotton waffle towel

Organic Plush Waffle Towel

  • Very lightweight
  • Many colors available

West Elm makes its waffle collection in nine colors, and is available in a big bath towels or smaller hand towels. While its waffles are not indented to the point of no return, they’re ridged enough to trap and wick the moisture. They’re also light and extra grippy to boot. For only 35 bucks, it’s a steal.

Best waffle towel design

Stonewashed Waffle Towels Bundle

  • Throw blanket aesthetic
  • Extra soft—and gets softer

Allswell’s waffle towel bundle might be new to the list and has yet to bring in customer reviews, but when have we ever been deterred to spotlight the underdog? So hey, you can be the first to review them. Not only are they designed to look like throw blanket with decorative hems, they’re stonewashed to get softer with each use. And this bundle comes under $100—a bang for your buck.

Best waffle towel on Amazon

Waffle Bath Towels

  • Quick dry between uses
  • Oversized
  • Might shrink after wash
  • Slightly rougher

If you like stay on the statistical side of things, Gilden Tree’s waffle towel dries 40 percent faster than the terry ones, per its product description. And it’s made to be extra large, so it will shrink about 15 percent after washing, but it’ll be stretched out once put back to use. Its texture feels rougher than most other waffles, which beckons the exfoliating-inclined. Oh, and you can get it on Amazon.

Best thick waffle towel

Waffle Bath Towel

  • Quick drying
  • Thicker material

More options at Macy’s

Uchino claims its waffle towel is thicker than most. That’s not necessarily a hiccup; in fact, its extra thickness makes it more resistant to tears and snags, while still packing a punch at drying. Moreover, it dons a more flattened waffle weave, which can boost the comfort on skin.

Best affordable waffle towel

Organic Cotton Waffle and Terry Bath Towel

  • Many colors and options available
  • Very affordable

No, we don’t mean you get to embroider your name on Haven’s towels. But they are available in 10 colors, in choices like bath towel, hand towel, wash cloth, and even bath sheet. You’ll get one that meets your eyes and skin. The small terrycloth surface crossing through also adds some aesthetic to an otherwise blend piece of fabric.

What Is Waffle Towel, and Why?

Rough textures when drying off isn’t exactly what we want post-shower. Hence, to make roughing-it a bit comfier, many tent to opt for plush terrycloth towels with soft woven loops that feel great against skin. But once their sweater-like plushness meets the water—and the washer and dryer thereafter—things start to get uglier: they’ll become barely absorbent, take a long time dry, and turn into a piece of gritty cloth that simply isn’t conducive for a full water cleanup.

Waffle towels one-up these plushy terrycloth ones in many ways, thanks to its raised threads that form a series of small rectangular pocket loops on the surface—a design resembling a waffle or honeycomb. This clever pattern allows waffle towels to better absorb water and rid the dampness much faster.

To add, a good waffle towel often has a thin, lightweight, springy quality to its feel, to say nothing of breathability—meaning it’ll stay fresh, even after the 50th spin-around in the laundry. When you towel off with it, no matter how roughing-it you go, a waffle towel will always feel like a soft blanket, and not exfoliating like a beaten terrycloth.

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